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trailers axle towing eye set supplier from india
Sr. No.PartSizes
1Square Size (a) 80 mm
2Square thik. (b) 30 mm
3Spring length (c) 250 mm
4Two Eye length (d) 580 mm
5Eye l.D (e) 38 mm
6Eye O.D (f) 102 mm
trailers towing eye set manufacturer from india
Towing Eye Square
Sr. No.Square l.d (a)
137 mm
242 mm
347 mm
452 mm
557 mm
Towing Eye Spring
Sr. No.Spring l.D (a) Spring length (b)
137 mm 250 mm
237 mm 150 mm
342 mm 250 mm
442 mm 150 mm
547 mm 250 mm
647 mm 150 mm
752 mm 250 mm
852 mm 150 mm
957 mm 250 mm
1057 mm 150 mm
These parts are WINDSOR parts and not manufactured by OEM's. Original manufacturer's parts picture, name, part numbers and descriptions are quoted for reference only and are not intended to indicate or suggested that replacement parts are made by the OEM.